Friday, August 24, 2007

Moving Along

Life has been KRAZZY hectic lately, as everything is changing.

If you haven't heard, we are officially moving to Fort Collins, Colorado.... a beautiful place to be. I love my MOUNTAIN WEST. However the moving process is enough to drive anyone nuts. Especially when you are 7 1/2 months prego....

I guess you can say we like to only make moves across the country when LIFE is complicated. Why not. It keeps it interesting right? When we moved to Cleveland, we had just got married, sold a house, and Ben had started his new adventure 2 1/2 months earlier with his new job. So there we were moving "us" out to Cleveland a week after the wedding.

This time, Ben being in Fort Collins already (started his new job last week), and now I have only 3 weeks to pack up and join him. (at least it is not 2 1/2 months). It is a little different though as I mentioned before we have a little one on the way... SO very life changing. My belly seems to be growing more so in the last couple weeks than the first 7 months. ( yes, I will add pics soon everyone that keeps asking)
This move has been a little more tough then our big first move out here-- I think mostly because Cleveland has been where we spent the first 3 years of our married life. It became "our home" in a way. Our friends here have only known us as married and it will be extremely tough to say goodbye to all of them next month...... I hate saying goodbye.

I have had a lot of people question this big move.... And truthfully I left it up to Ben.

Yes Ben made the decision on his own. Of course there was imput from all different directions. (parents, peers, friends and even little Annika :) But ultimately it came down to him.

I was positive about staying or going. Saw it both ways. Good on both sides and I was actually in Dallas when he made the decision to take the new job. I know I know... who makes life changing decisions like that. It wasn't easy for Ben. He has a lot of college friends and close family out here. MSU season football tickets close to the 50 yard line...... Great job, great work friends, amazing house. I have a great job and good friends out here too.....
It didn't come down to money or people... it really came down to our future and the family lifestyle that we hope to have. I think even if this job was located where we had no family close by-- he would have chosen it. I think he made a good tough decision, and only time will tell if it is the right one. I am excited as I think it is a great opportunity for us again and it was the decision that had the most growth opportunity.

It will be sad and hard to leave all those things out here that we have grown to love.......... but I bet we are back out here someday... just wait... maybe when we have a second child-- or some other life changing event

After all we only make BIG moves.