Saturday, February 16, 2008

ANTM-Photo Shoot

AC says "Enough Already--I am tired"

Friday, February 15, 2008

3 months and growing

it is official AC is 3months old :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


If only we all could sleep like a baby.......

Ocean Blue

Okay, YES I gave in and bought her this activity Ocean thing. She was SOOOOOO good in the store and patient while I was shopping . She was interactive and she didn't sleep a wink, so it was a pleasant surprise how quiet and fun she was.
--I am begining to be one of THOSE parents aren't I...
It is supposed to help with her development of motor skills --

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mardi Gras

Nobody informed her it was already over...................

Seriously though this is a new thing she does when we are changing her.

It has proven to be very helpful I might add.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Playing with Dad


After the game on Saturday, Coach Miller came back out to talk to us (after Media) and one of the ball boys came up to her in the middle of our conversation.....................random
He wanted to ask if the player who fell at the end of the game was okay. (with less than a minute left in the game one rebel who will remain nameless here) fell underneath the basket after she made a layup, no one really knew how she fell, just that and Anne had to come out and escort her off the court.. Most basketball fans would say why she didn't just run the clock out---- Rebels were up no need for the basket. Others would say HOW did she fall. one minute on her feet, the next on the ground.......

Not thinking anything of it- the conversation went like this:
Boy: Are you the head coach of UNLV
Miller: yes I am
Boy: did you know how she fell
Miller: ......
Boy: well she stepped on my foot
Miller: oh, well she will be just fine
Boy: She Will! Good because I didn't want you to SUE my mom!
Miller: she will be just fine....(a little uneasy) he is cute isn't he
Boy: I just wanted to tell you how it happened
(then boy's mom comes out of nowhere)
Boy's Mom: where did you go to college?
Miller: Old Dominion
Boy's Mom: I knew you looked familiar.........................
( I will spare the rest of this conversation, but have to say these fans were interesting, the very end of the conversation as we were leaving the other direction from the FAN....)
Boy's Mom: you are hosting (Vegas)the Final Four right........(CRAZY)
US: the Mountain West Tournament Yes...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rebels I say.........................

This weekend the Lady Rebels were in town to Face the Mighty CSU Rammies--- kind of strange to be in the practice gym watching them finish practice Friday. We had timed it just right to get there at the end of practice..... however we should have planned for an extra 20 minutes :) Rebels you understand. It is really STRANGE to not know any of the players, makes me feel really OLD.
Then we watched them in action yesterday. Of course I wore my UNLV Rebel Sweatshirt with pride, although Ben was not too happy about that (he banished me from sitting by him and AC--or at least he tried to).
It was THINK PINK day, so not sure if you can see Ben's shirt is pink and AC was all in PINK too.
I thought everyone would apppreciate a blast from the past. Here is Bob yesterday with Ben. He is just as funny and sharp as before, we talked hoops, real estate and Vegas. Sounds like he is doing great and we can't believe he is still traveling and doing the women's GAMES.

The whole weekend was VERY SURREAL